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As between the sexes there are differences. Many differences give us cause for celebration.  Others however, give rise to inequality. 

At ROSALegal.com our aim is to recognise these differences in the areas of women’s  access to legal advice in the areas we specialise in and to seek to overcome inequality. 

Our aim is to allow for and to celebrate these difference, of thought and need, that are not catered for elsewhere

Legal Services for Women by Women

 Sometimes it is the simple thing that is difficult to do!

At ROSALegal we try to understand this and provide a confidential service to women of all ages who may be able to benefit from our services.

 More than this, we seek to inform women of their rights and to acknowledge the differences in approach that may be necessary as a woman seeks to vindicate her rights.




If you are suffering after an accident or injury caused by a medical procedure you could be entitled to compensation. Some procedures are more sensitive than others and it can help to speak to a female solicitor if that makes you feel more comfortable going into detail.


Sadly, not all childbirth experiences are positive ones.  Some women prefer talking to another woman about the issues you or your baby have experienced due to a Birth Injury, and our team of female solicitors are experienced in guiding our clients through this type of matter, sensitively and with empathy.


Whether you have suffered physical injury due to an accident at work, work in unsafe conditions or you have been subjected to harassment or abuse in the workplace you can discuss your case with another woman in confidence.


Woman may experience abuse at any stage of life, from childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault to continuous harassment or bullying behaviour by work colleagues.  Speaking with another woman may encourage women to speak more freely about the most personal of issues and events.  Our experienced team of female abuse lawyers can assist you vindicate your rights.


Being involved in a road traffic accident can be an extremely stressful time, and injuries sustained can lead to making a claim for personal injury. If you would prefer to speak to a female solicitor you can contact one of our personal injury team in confidence.


Whether you have slipped in a supermarket or tripped over a broken paving stone, if you have had an accident in a public place that resulted in personal injury to you or a minor in care, you can speak to a female lawyer who can clearly guide you through the legal process to make a claim.


From the moment that you make contact with us, whether by phone or by clicking the response icon, you will be responded to by our female operatives, who will understand you need for privacy, sensitivity and discretion.

Our female staff are available to take your calls between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. seven days a week.  If you want to request a callback you can do so using our contact form and one of our ladies will respond between those hours, as specified by you.

 Our confidential service mean that you can easily communicate your issue to someone who understands the matter and how it has affected you.

 Should you need to obtain more specialist legal advice we will assist you by putting you in touch with trained professional women who understand that our ethos of respect and confidentiality is at the forefront of all of our communication with you.

 Any Lawyer that you deal with, be they Solicitors or Barristers will be highly qualified and trained professionals who have YOUR perspective in mind.

 No client will be charged a fee for consulting with us and discussing their issue.


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Going through an extremely personal experience was a little easier using a female solicitor. I was more comfortable opening up with the details of my case.  Thank you.


I was badly scarred after breast reduction surgery and having a woman as my solicitor made it a bit easier especially when showing photos of my scarring, I was more comfortable.


Got a great service after a car accident with the ladies, and would be delighted to recommend to a friend.  Thank you!


I sued on behalf of my baby son and felt very reassured by the professional attitude of the solicitors I dealt with as this was a very emotional time for me, and it helped to feel that someone was in my corner.



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