Labiaplasty Errors Ireland

Labiaplasty Errors Ireland

What is the procedure?

A labiaplasty procedure can be completed on long or unequal lengths of the labia minora (inner lips of the vagina) which will allow for them to be aesthetically reshaped. Aging and childbirth can cause the shape, tone and size of the labia and surrounding vaginal tissue both externally and internally. Women can chose to undergo the procedure for a variety of reasons. Some women suffer embarrassment through visibility through some clothing and discomfort due to friction with clothing. Others can suffer discomfort during intercourse because of a large labia. 

What should happen during the procedure?

It is normal for women to have noticeable skin folds around their vaginal openings and for many women this does not pose any issues. The labiaplasty procedure is growing in popularity particularly as a result of increased trends in hair removal preferences of bikini waxing or shaving, making many women conscious of the appearance of the labia. Over 2,000 labiaplasty procedures have been performed on the NHS over the past five years.

This procedure is invasive and is performed under a general anaesthetic.  The vaginal lips are shortened or reshaped and the surgeon will put a clamp across each labium to prevent bleeding and then the unwanted tissue is cut away by scalpel or laser. Any loose edges are then stitched up with dissolving stitches. The whole procedure is estimated to take between one and two hours in total.

Negligence issues in labiaplasty procedures

This procedure can go wrong in the following ways:

  • Over-reduction of the labia
  • Ongoing pain and soreness
  • Under-correction of the labia
  • Difficulty in urine flow control
  • Asymmetry where the labia appears uneven/not equal in shape
  • Abnormal scarring

Researcher Tristan Harding from Melbourne University told  a conference in Brisbane there was limited knowledge of female genital structure among doctors and that women themselves did not have a good understanding of the diversity of its appearance.

As well as claiming or any pain, suffering and inconvenience, you may be able to claim back additional costs such as:

Remedial surgery – if you have to have your surgery corrected, the additional cost involved could form part of the claim against the surgeon or company that carried out the original operation

Loss of income – if you need to take additional time off work or you are unable to go back to work due to the negligence of the surgeon or company carrying out the procedure, your loss of income will form part of your claim.

There is no need to be embarrassed or worried. We speak to women in your position every day and will discuss your case with you in the strictest confidence. Contact us on 1800 844 449 to discuss you case in confidence.


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